St. Anne's High School
Love, Loyalty and Excellence.

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St Anne's High School Nadiad-prayers

School Prayers

Praise Him

Praise him, Praise him
Praise him, Praise him
Praise him in the noon- time --- (2)
Praise him when the sun goes down ---(2)
Love him, Love him--- (2)
Love him in the morning
Love him in the noon time --- (2)
Love him, when the sun goes down.
Trust him,  Trust him,---- (2)
Trust him, in the morning,
Trust him,in the noon time ---(2)
Trust him, Trust him--- (2)
Trust him, when the sun does down
Praise him, praise him --- (2)

School anthem

Heart united we come
(1) Heart united we come
Sharing all things as one
In joy and harmony (2)
With your banner upright
We want to spread around your light
Ch.: St. Anne, St. Joaquim
Loyal shall we be to your high ideals
St. Anne, St. Joaquim
We shall praise you all through life.

(2)As a mother so good
You are guiding us too
On paths of love and peace (2)
For our country we'll live,
And our lives we will give
Building each day a better world
Ch.: St. Anne, St. Joaquim

(3) And as each year goes past.
Strength and knowledge you impart
To love a life that's true (2)
Bearing fruits you have shown
While we tread to tree unknown
Until each one achieves her goal
Ch.: St. Anne, St. Joaquim

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