St. Anne's High School
Love, Loyalty and Excellence.

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St Anne's High School Nadiad - Motto


Love, Loyalty and Excellence.


To shed the light of faith on the realities of human life and to form the pupil to accept the Challenges of the changing world.


To empower the pupil to be an agent to work for the building up of a more just and fraternal Society based on truth, peace and love.

Our Values

Responsibility which helps us to think, value and do things well.
Hard work as a means of collaborating in the creative action of god and the call for the
Humanization of the world.
Joy which favors the meeting, friendship and optimism towards life.
Solidarity which makes us close and responsible in the face of the needs of our brothers.
Pardon fruit of love and the experience of our feeling of being pardoned by God.
Justice a demand of the dignity and equality of persons, as children of God.
Gratitude towards Godard the good things of life.
Fidelity which is our response to God.

Our Educative Style

A personalized and open education to everyone.

Intellectual development of the person.

Cultivation of the effective dimension.

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