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St Anne's High School Nadiad - Facility


Prayer Hall

“Prayer is a divine communication between the soul and the almighty”

“Prayer is the food for the soul”

Just like human body needs energy to carry out the physical and mental activities which is obtained from food, similarly our soul also requires the divine food i.e. prayer. We strictly believe in secularism and the school prayer is the reflection of our secular beliefs. The school prayer hall provides the divine and holy atmosphere necessary for the reunion of soul and the almighty.

Computer Lab

We believe our school should begin to prepare sutdents for tomorrow 's world of technology.

Therefore, the computer lab Provides our students a computer experience through latest facilities. The program of instruction in the computer lab is under constant development and modification as needed. There are a number of modules that the students will learn about during the school year. These modules include :

  •  Basic Computer knowledge- Interenet – E-mail
  •  Project sound system
  •  VCR & video

Our computer program includes not only computer curriculum but also various educational software program such as English, art, music, etc. Students are also taught how to do research on the Internet through special projects.

Library :

Books serve to show a man that those thoughts of his aren’t very new after all” – Abraham lincon

To serve the students of our school adequate information, the school assists them in learning to use the resources and a place for study and extra-reading.

We house in our library catalogues, journals, newspapers, magazines, national magazines. It contains children’s bookshelf, religious books and encyclopedia. Students are allotted one period weekly as library-period thus promoting high quality reading opportunities for all.

School Auditorium

The school auditorium of our school is built with multipurpose. It can easily accommodate 1000 students. Small functions as small lectures, school cabinet members, meetings, staff meeting occasionally take place.

There is also facilities of L.C.D projector, light system and sound system.

Science Lab

Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known” Carl Sagan. The school offers well equipped physics, chemistry and biology lab for Higher Secondary section and Science lab for high school section. Students learn to do experiments safely and how to use a lab note book. Biology lab helps to discover plant life and its growth as the lab has the models.

DTH/T.V.Room (Direct to home)

There is a special facility of DTH in our school which is provided by Government of Gujarat. DTH is a service which is used to get programs through a dish antena. Government of Gujarat telecasts different educational programs for students which helps them to understand their subject in a better way. DTH gives clear picture and sound because it is dedicated to only one television set. We have 40 inch LCD TV to give big and clear picture to students.

Hostel – A Powerhouse

The hostel is found in the campus of St. Anne’s school run by nuns of St. Anne’s trust. It accommodates Christian girls from 5th to 12th std. They provide education, spiritual formation and style of living for students of various ages. They have opportunities for character formation and faith formation. A sister-in charge along with gruhmata constantly accompany hostilities in their studies and for their wellbeing. Hostelities entertain and recreate themselves through indoor and outdoor games and annual picnics. Cultural activities and competitions are held to bring out their potentialities. There is a guard in the campus round the clock. The medical service also is made available.

School Magazine

An informed community is an engaged community.

At St. Anne’s, we set out to enable every child to do the best that they can within a structured and disciplined environment. We also encourage freedom of expression through the school magazine.


As the name suggest, the entire Annite family i.e manager, principal, staff, parents and students inculcate and impart in oneself and in others knowledge, wisdom and understanding towards others.

Avid Annites include the articles of current issues(by the teachers & the students), information and photos on the various academic & cultural activities of the school.

Name of Editorial Board dedicates their valuable limit and suggestions and publishes it twice a year.


Facing fierce competition to get into top colleges and to be the rank holder, many students are compromising their health and values to get ahead. Bullying and teasing are part of life.

To stop children from being the victims of these, the teachers are given due training for personal counseling of students, class-management or classroom intervention techniques.

Experts are invited to facilitate and nurture child’s growth, development and assessment.

Teachers do come forward and focus on students social and carrier development skills while supporting the best examination results possible.

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